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I’m Ken, a commercial workplace photographer telling visual stories of the startup and tech industries.

The evolution of my photo career started when my parents took my sister and me on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tibet. That’s when I realized photography wasn't just a way to capture moments and remember amazing experiences I had — but a microphone through which I could share my unique point of view. That viewpoint always stuck with me as I developed a signature visual style that uses clean minimal lines, beautiful light, and architectural motifs. I honed those skills and applied them to my work as I became an internationally published beauty and fashion photographer working with some of the most recognizable brands in the industry.

Curiosity of “how the other half lives” drew me out of my freelance lifestyle and got me involved working with a few startups in a variety of capacities. This is where I got a real taste of what it’s like to work at a small, thriving business where technology and passion go hand in hand.

As I became ingrained in the startup world, I found myself constantly encountering incredibly creative people that had amazing stories to tell but uninspiring photography to represent who they are. Realizing the void for quality photography in this industry, I've made it my mission to create compelling photo stories for your business that are honest and authentic. 

I'm based in NYC but available for travel worldwide.




When people think of workplace photography, people often think of cheesy stock photos and awkwardly staged scenarios. You won't get that when working with me. My images have been used for various applications such as: PR, annual/investor reports, marketing, recruiting, newsletters, brand libraries, social media, ads, “about us” sections and more.

For over a decade I shot for some of the top publications and beauty clients in the world. I now use that experience to tell different stories about people who are creating cutting-edge innovations in business. I'm a one-stop-shop for all your photography needs. From creating estimates, production, art direction to retouching, I do it all. 

You can contact me via the form below or email me directly at ken@kenpao.com.  

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